Literacy and learning seminar 2013

Brave New Worlds: Libraries, learning and community needs

Although they sit outside the formal education sector, libraries are intrinsically centres of learning where people can engage with knowledge and ideas and acquire the literacy skills essential for active participation in society.

Brave New Worlds: Libraries, learning and community needs brought together professionals working in libraries, universities, adult and school literacy programs, and non-profit organisations to explore the role of our state, territory and national libraries in community learning.


The UK’s National Year of Reading and National Literacy Trust – Judith Parke

Enhancing online learning: Promoting student engagement through partnership with local libraries – Dr Cathy Stone

The State Library of Victoria’s Personal Learning Network – Kelly Gardiner

After the National Year of Reading – Sue McKerracher

Making connections: Better Beginnings, partnerships and collaborations – Nola Allen

26TEN: Tasmania’s adult literacy strategy – Jane Forward

Technology-based innovations in literacy and learning at the State Library of New South Wales – Megan Perry and Louise Prichard

The learning institution maturity model: A self-evaluation tool for future planning in NSLA libraries – Dr Gillian Hallam