About NSLA

National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) is an incorporated association comprising the national, state and territory libraries of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our constitutional purpose is to bring together the knowledge and expertise of our ten member libraries in order to build, manage and provide access to library collections and services that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Each member library is represented on NSLA’s board by its chief executive, state librarian, or director-general. The Chair of the board is nominated by vote for a two-year term. 

Picture shows NSLA board members as of November 2023.
Board members and individual library council representatives meeting at the State Library of South Australia in November 2023. L-R: Geoff Strempel (SLSA), Maxine McKew AM (SLV), Ania Tait (LANT), Bruce Linn AM (SLSA), Sue McKerracher (Libraries TAS), Rachel Esson (NLNZ), Tracy Puklowski (LANT), Allison Dobbie (NLNZ), Paul Duldig (SLV), Caroline Butler-Bowdon (SLNSW), Marie-Louise Ayres (NLA), Barbara Lemon (NSLA), Jo Ritale (NSLA), Vicki McDonald (SLQ), Hon. George Souris (SLNSW), Vanessa Little (Libraries ACT), Aimee Hay (NSLA), Jan Richards (Libraries TAS), Catherine Clark (SLWA), Hon. John Day (SLWA).
After fifty years of working together, the NSLA collaboration has become a driving force for innovation and professional development. Our association provides a mechanism for joint approaches to collecting, service delivery, research, advocacy, skills development and library standards, bringing the benefits of shared expertise and economies of scale to a collaborative program of work. The NSLA program is managed by the NSLA office, working with a series of professional networks and advisory groups from across the member libraries.
Board members

Chair: Sue McKerracher, Libraries Tasmania

Deputy Chair: Rachel Esson, Te Pouhuaki National Librarian for Aotearoa New Zealand

Vicki McDonald, Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian, State Library of Queensland

Marie-Louise Ayres, Director-General, National Library of Australia

Catherine Clark, CEO and State Librarian, State Library of Western Australia

Paul Duldig, Chief Executive Officer, State Library Victoria

Geoff Strempel, Director, State Library of South Australia

Caroline Butler-Bowdon, State Librarian, State Library of New South Wales

Tracy Puklowski, Senior Director, Library and Archives NT

NSLA Office

Simon Polson, NSLA Executive Director (simon.polson@nsla.org.au)

Jo Ritale, NED Program Manager (jo.ritale@nsla.org.au)

Abi Beatson, Communications and Engagement Coordinator (abi.beatson@nsla.org.au)

Aimee Hay, Program Coordinator (aimee.hay@nsla.org.au)

Image credit: Mark Beatty, National Library of New Zealand