Literacy and Learning 

This project promotes the important role of libraries in both formal and informal education. It sets out to develop the organisational capability of libraries as learning organisations, and seeks to identify exemplary library learning programs and partnerships.


Image: State Library of Western Australia

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Project updates 

Digital citizenship workshop resources

5 September 2016

The presentations from our recent digital citizenship workshop at the State Library of South Australia are now available.

Digital citizenship seminar resources

21 March 2016

Videos of speakers and panel discussions at our recent 'Linked up, Loud and Literate: Libraries enabling digital citizenship' seminar are now available to watch in full.

Linked Up, Loud and Literate

28 August 2015

What is 'digital citizenship', and what role do libraries and other cultural institutions play in it?


Libraries and Digital Government: collaborating to build digital citizenship

A proposal for dynamic collaboration between government and libraries to enable citizens to access and use increasingly online-only public services, and to fully engage in participatory democracy. (September 2017)

LINC Tasmania/ABS Census 2016 Partnership Project

Report on LINC Tasmania's work with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to make the 2016 Census more accessible to everyone, including those with low literacy or barriers to online access.

Case Study: eSafety pilot program in Libraries ACT

Presentation from Linked up, Loud and Literate digital citizenship workshop, August 2016.