Digital citizenship seminars 2015-16

Linked up, Loud and Literate: Libraries enabling digital citizenship

Linked up, Loud and Literate: Libraries enabling digital citizenship was a series of events held at the National Library of New Zealand (NLNZ), National Library of Australia (NLA) and State Library of South Australia (SLSA) in 2015 and 2016.

Bringing together experts from libraries, government and the education and community sectors, the seminars and workshops looked at how libraries, schools and cultural institutions can best equip and empower community members to be confident, capable and engaged citizens. Selected videos from the events are available below.


Highlights from Digital Citizenship Seminars in Wellington and Canberra
Featuring Allison Dobbie, General Manager of Libraries and Information for Auckland Council; Colin Macdonald, Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs, Secretary for Internal Affairs, Secretary for Local Government, and the Government Chief Information Officer; Alastair MacGibbon, Children’s eSafety Commissioner; and Dr Alex Byrne, State Librarian and Chief Executive of the State Library of New South Wales. (NLNZ, November 2015, and NLA, March 2016)

Welcome and introduction
Hon. Peter Dunne, Minister of Minister of Internal Affairs, New Zealand (NLNZ, November 2015)

Government and the digital citizen: the importance of trust
Colin MacDonald, Chief Executive, Department of Internal Affairs (NZ) and Government Chief Information Officer (NLNZ, November 2015)

Public libraries, citizenship and democracy
Allison Dobbie, Auckland Council (NLNZ, November 2015)

Democracy, government and digital citizenship
Sue McKerracher, Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)  (NLNZ, November 2015)

GoDigi Australia and digital literacy for seniors
George Dunford, National Library of Australia and National Museum of Australia (NLNZ, November 2015)

26TEN and digital literacy for adults
Anita Planchon, LINC Tasmania (NLNZ, November 2015)

NSLA and digital citizenship
Alex Byrne, State Librarian, State Library of New South Wales, and Chair of NSLA (NLNZ, November 2015)