Webinar: Operationalising the CARE Principles for Indigenous data governance

In February 2021, NSLA and OCLC Research co-presented a webinar about the CARE Principles and how they may apply in the Australasian context, and how libraries are working to adopt more ethical practices in relation to Indigenous data.

The video of the webinar is below. OCLC has published a written summary of the session and responses to questions from the audience: The CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance: overview and Australian activities.

Members of the CARE team introduced the principles and accompanying Traditional Knowledge (TK) labels and notices, and representatives from the National Library of Australia and the University of Sydney, spoke about their organisations’ ongoing work in this area, followed by audience Q&A.

The webinar built on a previous OCLC session, Operationalising the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance (August 2020).


CARE team:

  • Jane Anderson, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies, New York University
  • Stephanie R. Carroll, Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Native Nations Institute, University of Arizona
  • Maui Hudson, Director, Te Kotahi Research Institute, University of Waikato
  • Maggie Walter, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of Tasmania

National Library of Australia:

  • Rebecca Bateman, Assistant Director, Indigenous Engagement
  • Kevin Bradley, Assistant Director-General, Collections
  • Marcus Hughes, Director, Indigenous Engagement

University of Sydney:

  • Jennifer Stanton, Manager Digital Collections

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