Submission: Issues facing diaspora communities in Australia

NSLA’s submission in response to the Senate Inquiry into issues facing diaspora communities in Australia supports the submission made by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), which outlines the essential role of public libraries as government entities in delivering a wide range of highly valued services, programs and resources to diaspora communities.


Diverse collections that reflect the histories, cultures and languages of diaspora communities are an essential component of onsite and online library services. If we are to maximise the already considerable contribution of these services to the full participation of diaspora communities in Australian life, NSLA recommends:

  • that the Committee encourage federal government agencies to explore opportunities for closer collaboration with public libraries, as per the submission from ALIA
  • that the Committee acknowledge the role of collection diversity in attracting diaspora communities to Australian libraries and cultural institutions
  • that the Committee consider the need for Australia’s national, state and territory libraries to be equipped and resourced to collect and make accessible materials of interest and relevance to diaspora communities in a range of contemporary digital as well as traditional formats.

The full submission is available for download below.

Submission: Issues facing diaspora communities in Australia