Webinar: NED and legal deposit

This webinar explored the National edeposit (NED) service in Australia, and delved into the opportunities and challenges in collecting, preserving, and providing access to electronic publications within the evolving landscape of legal deposit.

What is National edeposit (NED)?

National edeposit (NED) is a collaboration between Australia’s national, state and territory libraries, responding to the major challenge of capturing and preserving the digital documentary history of Australia for the future.

View the NED Strategic Plan for 2023-2026

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A quick guide to the National e-deposit (NED) service with NED Program Manager, Jo Ritale (NSLA).

Pre-recorded interviews:

  • Amina Shah, National Librarian and Chief Executive of the National Library of Scotland, shares her thoughts and insights on celebrating 10 years of digital collecting by the legal deposit libraries of the UK and Ireland.
  • Dr Marie-Louise Ayres, Director-General of the National Library of Australia, discusses the evolution of legal deposit in Australia, how NED has transformed legal deposit collecting, and the challenges and unique opportunities that lie ahead.


  • Dr Stuart Glover, from the Australian Publishers Association (APA), shares his unique perspective on legal deposit from a publisher’s standpoint.  

Panel Discussion: 

  • A panel discussion on the future of NED in Australia, hosted by NSLA’s Executive Director, Dr Barbara Lemon. This session offered the webinar audience an opportunity to ask the panelists questions and hear about NED’s new Strategic Plan for 2023-2026.

This panel session included:  

    • Jo Ritale, NED Program Manager, National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA)
    • Lesley Sharp, Manager, Published Collections, State Library of South Australia (SLSA)
    • Libby Cass, Director, Curatorial and Collection Research, Collection Branch, National Library of Australia (NLA)
    • Anna Raunik, Executive Director, Content and Client Services, State Library of Queensland (SLQ).