Webinar: AI essentials for NSLA libraries

The AI Essentials for NSLA Libraries webinar was designed for those seeking a fundamental understanding of the current scope of AI technologies used in NSLA libraries, and of next-generation AI technologies that needed to be considered to support future library work.

Professor Alex Zafiroglu joined us as a speaker and panel member. She is the lead author of the ‘Custodians and Midwives’ report recently produced by ANU’s School of Cybernetics in collaboration with the National Library of Australia.

Professor Katherine Bode also joined us as a speaker and panelist. She shared her work on AI-supported computational analysis of large library collections, and discussed what intelligence infrastructures like libraries can teach AI systems.

This webinar was held as part of an ALIA-hosted series of webinars on AI in libraries.

To access the report titled Custodians and Midwives: the Library of the Future, please visit:

The image displays webinar attendees.