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Strategic plan 2018-20

NSLA’s strategic plan for 2018-2020 describes how Australia’s National Library and eight state and territory libraries will work together to achieve shared goals.

Annual report archive 2009-17

An archive of summaries of NSLA’s annual priorities and achievements for 2009-2017. NSLA annual summary report 2017 NSLA annual summary report 2016 NSLA annual summary report 2015 NSLA annual summary report 2014 NSLA annual summary report 2013 Re-imagining Libraries summary

Obsolete Physical Carriers Directory

The Obsolete Physical Carriers directory is a tool for NSLA libraries to use when looking at digitising analogue content and preserving digital files from obsolete physical carriers.

Data Unleashed 2017

Data Unleashed was a professional learning program for NSLA staff focusing on data and its role in our libraries and work.