NSLA Learning Network Meets in Canberra

Photo of the NSLA Learning Network.

The NSLA Learning Network met in Canberra recently, hosted by the National Library of Australia (NLA). This meeting brought together staff from across the national, state, and territory libraries of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

The NSLA Learning Network has been meeting for over a decade, focusing on a broad range of topics, including early years’ learning, school visits to NSLA libraries, educational resources, evaluation practices, teen programming, adult functional literacy, digital literacy, education policy, and cultural safety.

The recent in-person meeting gave network members the opportunity to:

  • visit and meet with learning teams from a number of key cultural institutions in Canberra, including the Australian Museum of Democracy, AIATSIS, National Gallery of Australia research library and archives, National Portrait Gallery, and Parliamentary Library. Each provided a wealth of information and insights into their learning offerings
  • engage in deep discussions and sharing of contexts, professional knowledge and expertise, and the learning offerings provided by each member’s library
  • initiate planning for an upcoming online symposium focused on the contribution of libraries and archives to active citizen participation in our democracy, through a lens of media and information literacy and digital citizenship.

The Learning Network is one component of the NSLA mission to share knowledge, resources and expertise to advance our libraries and drive positive, respectful change for the benefit of Australians and New Zealanders. There are a total of twelve networks and advisory groups run by the NSLA program that bring together staff from across the NSLA libraries with expertise in specific focus areas, such as conservation, digital preservation, oral history, collection management, community engagement, visitor experience, corporate services, copyright, and First Nations leadership and guidance.

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