How NSLA and ALIA celebrated Library Lovers’ Day

Library Lovers’ Day is evolving into a global phenomenon, but its origins started when Australia’s library enthusiasts claimed Valentine’s Day as Library Lovers’ Day.

Libraries around the world now celebrate Library Lovers’ Day as a day to recognise the valuable role that libraries play in our lives and communities, and to honour the librarians and library enthusiasts who nurture and support them.

Each year, this celebration is marked by an outpouring of literary love, including the unique and creative ways that libraries choose to celebrate.

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the ingenuity and enjoyment that this day brings and share with you some ALIA and NSLA Library Lovers’ Day highlights.

Explore the links below to discover more about the Library Lovers’ Day celebrations pictured above:

Some NSLA libraries took creativity to the next level by sharing videos that celebrated their staff and the services they provide, such as the video below produced by the State Library of New South Wales. 


State Library of New South Wales: We're librarians (video).
Libraries Tasmania: six things we know you'll love from your local library (video).

For many, Library Lovers’ Day occupies a cherished spot on the calendar, celebrating the bond between librarians, library users, and their communities, all united by a shared love of knowledge and the stories that enrich our lives – a love that is worth celebrating. 

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