Strategic plan 2018-2020

NSLA libraries share strategic thinking, expertise and specialist solutions; our collaboration aims to increase productivity and achieve better outcomes.

As NSLA moves into its next phase it will do so with a focus on its Australian constituents and stakeholders. A renaming to National and State Libraries Australia from 1 July 2018 recognises this focus.

The National Library of New Zealand will operate in parallel, developing its own set of priorities. The strong bilateral relationships developed to date via NSLA will continue as both sides of the Tasman come together to address regional issues.


By working together we can do more, do it more efficiently, and do it even better. NSLA will:

  • through collaboration, deliver better collections, connections, solutions and customer experiences than each library can do individually.
  • through leadership and influence, contribute to more informed public policy and greater community engagement with libraries.
  • through sharing our knowledge and expertise, increase the professional capability of our staff and build a workforce for the future.

Our shared values

In everything we do, NSLA demonstrates and values:

  • free and universal access to information
  • the power of partnership
  • high professional standards
  • transparency, honesty and openness
  • collegiality and generosity of spirit
  • commitment to public service.

Leading success

Our success relies on the quality of our people, the way we work together, and our ability to focus on what matters. NSLA will continue to explore ways to better:

  • identify, influence and respond to changes in society and our strategic and political environment
  • share information within NSLA, within member libraries and with our partners and stakeholders
  • monitor our activity, measure its impact and demonstrate the benefits to the community.

Collaboration in action

  • NSLA meetings provide a collegiate forum for robust debate on future library directions.
  • Steering and project working groups advance NSLA's work plan in priority areas.
  • Communities of practice connect like-minded professionals and facilitate information sharing.
  • The NSLA office manages and supports effective NSLA operations.


Our customers

Our community and stakeholders

Our people and processes


Better collections, connections, solutions and customer experiences.

Greater community engagement.
More informed public policy.

A workforce for the future.


Shared and more efficient library infrastructure.

Sector, policy and community leadership.

Highly capable, connected and digitally literate workforce.


NSLA Business Plan 2019-2020





Target audience

Our customers

Our community and stakeholders

Our people and processes


Shared and more efficient library infrastructure.

Sector, policy and community leadership.

Capable, connected and digitally literate workforce.

Major projects

  • strategic regional relationships
  • collection development policies review

Ongoing NSLA commitments/ responsibilities

  • eResources Consortium
  • external committee relationships
  • copyright
  • response to government
  • external committee relationships
  • data and analysis
  • workforce data and analysis

Advisory groups and networks

  • visitor experience
  • digital preservation
  • learning
  • digital archives
  • collections
  • storage
  • copyright
  • corporate services
  • NSLA Blakforce (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff network)

NSLA office administration

  • NSLA program management and coordination
  • public policy and media statements
  • website maintenance