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Profile: Maria Savvidis

Meet Maria Savvidis: librarian at the State Library of NSW, NSLA’s Oral History Network lead, and President of Oral History NSW.

November 2020 meeting outcomes

CEOs of NSLA libraries held their third online meeting of 2020 in late November to discuss responses to COVID-19, evaluating the first stage of the Culturally Safe Libraries Program, web archiving, and the future of LIS education.

Profile: Anna Raunik

Anna Raunik is the Executive Director of Content and Client Services at the State Library of Queensland and the convenor of NSLA’s Heads of Collections advisory group. We asked her about her career, her passion for data and what she sees on the horizon for libraries working with technology.

July 2020 NSLA meeting outcomes

Members convened online for their mid-year meeting, Discussions included our continuing responses to Covid-19, project funding, and finalising the NSLA strategic plan for 2020-2023.

Collecting COVID-19

For NSLA libraries, the COVID-19 pandemic has called for a common collecting effort unlike any in living memory.

March 2020 NSLA meeting outcomes

NSLA members joined the millions around the world conducting their business on screen, to discuss issues including the COVID-19 pandemic, staff wellbeing, governance and logistics, and digital library services.