The Copyright group aims to clarify and standardise the language and procedures in NSLA libraries concerning copyright of library materials.

The project also works with interested organisations, peak bodies and others to promote reform of copyright law to ensure both that legislation keeps pace with changing technologies, and that information can be accessed by the community.


  • NSLA ‘take-down’ policy and shared register for significant copyright decisions
  • NSLA template for reasonable search for orphan works
  • Position statement on the use of Creative Commons licensing in NSLA libraries
  • Submissions to the Australian Law Reform Commission's Inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy (2012-2013), and participation in the Australian Digital Alliance
  • Position statement on public domain works and agreed means of identifying these works in catalogue entries (2012-2013).

Working group members

  • Janice van de Velde, State Library of Victoria (project manager)
  • Beth Robertson, State Library of South Australia (project manager)
  • Kerry Blinco, Northern Territory Library
  • Kate Boesen, National Library of Australia
  • Antoinette Buchanan, Libraries ACT
  • Margy Burn, National Library of Australia
  • Julie Ham, State Library of Western Australia
  • Richard Neville, State Library of New South Wales
  • Winston Roberts, National Library of New Zealand (observer)
  • Margaret Warren, State Library of Queensland
  • Anna Zylstra, LINC Tasmania

Image: Copyright license choice by Joshua Gajownik for Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

Project updates 

Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania meet at NLA

24 February 2014

NSLA meets with the CDNLAO at the National Library of Australia in February.

ALRC Report Released: Copyright and the Digital Economy

17 February 2014

The ALRC has released its report on copyright legislation and the digital economy.

Meet our Copyright project managers

27 September 2013

Janice Van de Velde and Beth Robertson talked to us about the Copyright project's impact on NSLA libraries' practises and copyright in the digital age.