Case studies

> A different perspective on history: collaborating with a remote community

State Library of Queensland partnered with the Palm Island community and other collecting institutions to create an exhibition telling the community's side of the island's history.

> Consulting with Elders to improve collection information and management

The National Library of Australia learned many valuable lessons from working with Pitjantjatjara Elders to find out more about heritage photographs in the library's collection.

> Developing a repatriation policy

Having a clear Repatriation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities Policy has enabled the State Library of South Australia to digitally repatriate collection items at minimal or no cost, using a clear and consistent process.

> Storylines: reconnecting collections to communities, families and individuals

Storylines is a State Library of Western Australia project that aims to break down barriers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples accessing collection materials, and recognise the importance of reconnecting this material to communities, families and individuals.