Library representatives

Representatives on NLSA project groups, advisory groups and networks are listed below by library.

See Our work for a list of current projects.

Antoinette Buchanan – Collections, Copyright, Digital Preservation, NED, Oral History, Storage
Matthew Burless – NED Operations, Oral History
Julie Caulet-Ramsay – NED Operations
Amy Chan – eResources Consortium
Adrian Constance – Public libraries statistics
Megan Davies – Community Engagement
Penny Davies – Learning
Holly Hart – Corporate Services
Suzy Nunes – Collecting Taskforce, Conservation, Oral History
Jan Thurling – Public libraries statistics

Helen Biggs – NED Operations
Anthony Black – Copyright
Anette Casimaty – Learning
Michael Christie – Public libraries statistics
Lisa Crosswell – Community Engagement
Karin Haveman – Digital Preservation
Jennifer Jerome – Collecting Taskforce, Copyright, Oral History
Stephanie McDonald – Conservation
Ian Morrison – Collections, Collecting Taskforce, NED
Robyn Murfet – Corporate Services
Elizabeth Roberts – eResources Consortium
Bridget Scott – NED Operations
Rebecca Taylor – Visitor Experience

Juliet Beale – Oral History
Don Christophersen – First Nations Advisory Group
Wendy Garden – Community Engagement
Katherine Hamilton – Copyright
Cathy Hilder – Copyright, Visitor Experience
Lilly Ho – Collections, NED
Catherine Johnston – Collections, eResources Consortium, Storage
Bev Lee – Digital Preservation
Ania Tait – Learning
Charlie Ward – Oral History

Stuart Baines – Community Engagement, Learning
Rebecca Bateman – First Nations Advisory Group
Libby Cass – Collecting Taskforce, NED, eResources Consortium
Fiona Clarke – eResources Consortium
Libor Coufal – Digital Preservation
Bronwyn Coupe – Copyright
Maureen Dupree – Corporate Services
Douglas Elford – NED Operations
Sara Freeman – Conservation
Kylie Hawkins – Storage
Freya O’Connor– Conservation
Cathy Pilgrim – Collections
Shirleene Robinson – Oral History
Aileen Weir – NED

Samuel Beyer – Learning
Lewis Brown – Corporate Services
Amy Cosgrove – Conservation
Fiona Fieldsend – Collections
Andrea Goethals – Digital Preservation
Kim Gutchlag – Collections, Copyright
Shane Gosnell – Visitor Experience
Shobna Hillman – Storage
Helen Jamison – Corporate Services
Elizabeth Jones – Learning
Amy Joseph – Digital Preservation
Tim Kong – First Nations Advisory Group
Michael Lascarides – Visitor Experience
Alison McIntyre – Oral History
Jessica Moran – Collections, Digital Preservation
Ruki Tobin – First Nations Advisory Group

Louise Anemaat – Collections
Phil Barter – Corporate Services
Matthew Burgess – Digital Preservation
Hamilton Churton – Digital Preservation
Robert Deininger – NED Operations
Cheya Edwards – NED enhancements
Pauline Fitzgerald – Learning
Richard Gray – Community Engagement, Copyright
Jonathan London – Conservation
Cameron Morley – Public libraries statistics
Tom Norquay – NED Operations
Maggie Patton – Collecting Taskforce
Steve Richards – Visitor Experience
Roxanne Ruuska – Digital Preservation
Maria Savvidis – Oral History
Brendan Somes – Collecting Taskforce, NED
Mark Stevenson – Storage
Sean Volke – eResources Consortium
Damien Webb – First Nations Advisory Group

David Allen – Digital Preservation
Leonie Berwick – eResources Consortium
Sue-Anne Chapman – Visitor Experience
Serena Coates – Digital Preservation
Catherine Cottle – Oral History
Louise Denoon – Community Engagement
Temira Dewis – First Nations Advisory Group
Carreen Dunbar – NED Operations, Oral History
Tanya Fitzgerald – Corporate Services
Margretha Gould – Storage
Robyn Hamilton – Collecting Taskforce
Natasha Ratajczek – Learning
Anna Raunik – Collections, NED
Rachel Spano – Conservation
Karen Stone – NED Operations
Russell Varney – Public libraries statistics
Margaret Warren – Copyright
Helen Webster – NED Operations
Rachel Wray – eResources Consortium

Karen Brandwood – Learning
Tarryn Ellis – Digital Preservation
Hanlie Erasmus – Corporate Services
Jacki Haas – Collecting Taskforce, Copyright
Rebecca Jeffree – Visitor Experience
Anthony Laube – eResources Consortium
Amanda Osborne – Collections
Vincent Nott – Storage
Beth Robertson – Storage
Lesley Sharp –  Collecting Taskforce, NED
Jeremy Sibbald – First Nations Advisory Group
Rachel Small – eResources Consortium
Sally Stephenson – Oral History
Jannah Wilson – Public libraries statistics
Peter Zajicek – Conservation

Linda Angeloni – Learning
Kath Brown – Corporate Services
Toni Burton – Copyright
Liesl Colquhoun – NED Operations
Jenelle Colston-Ing – Collecting Taskforce, NED
Betsy Earl – Digital Preservation
Amanda Edwards – eResources Consortium
Carey Garvie – Digital Preservation
Greg Gerrand – Oral History
Shelley Jamieson – Conservation
Carolyn Long – Visitor Experience
Monika Szunejko – Collections
Robert Waterfall – Storage
Angharad Wynne-Jones – Community Engagement

Cristina Albillos – Conservation, Digital Preservation, Storage
Catherine Belcher – Collections
Rebecca Bell – Community Engagement, Learning
Andrew Black – eResources Consortium
Coenraad Brand – Copyright, eResources Consortium
Janet Deegan – Public libraries statistics
Sophie Farrar – Digital Preservation
Oliver Gatty – Public libraries statistics
Frances Hammond – NED Operations
John Hughes – Community Engagement
Debra Jones –  Collecting Taskforce
Andrew Kelly – Digital Preservation
Steve McQuade – Learning
Catherine Monk – Oral History
Barbara Parnaby – NED
Chris Penwald – Corporate Services
Irena Sikorska – Visitor Experience
Bindy Wilson – Conservation