Library representatives

Representatives on NLSA steering groups, advisory groups and networks are listed below by library. See Our work for a list of current projects.

Libraries ACT

Antoinette Buchanan – Collections, Copyright, Culturally Safe Libraries, Digital Preservation, NED, Storage
Matthew Burless – NED Operations
Amy Chan – eResources Consortium
Penny Davies – Learning, Visitor Experience
Rachel Davis –  Learning
Holly Hart – Corporate Services
Suzy Nunes – Digital Archives
Jan Thurling – Learning

Libraries Tasmania

Caroline Homer – Visitor Experience
Allegra Huxtable – Digital Archives, Digital Preservation
Jennifer Jerome – Digital Archives
Ross Latham – Culturally Safe Libraries
Jane McGregor – Collections, eResources Consortium
Andrea McMahon – Learning
Ian Morrison – NED Operations
Robyn Murphet – Learning
Brett Patterson – Corporate Services
Mary Steel – Storage
Jill Waters – Copyright

National Library of Australia

Elizabeth Baillie – eResources Consortium
Rebecca Bateman – Culturally Safe Libraries
Kate Boesen – Copyright
Kevin Bradley- Collections, Copyright
Libby Cass – NED
Heather Clark – Visitor Experience
Libor Coufal – Digital Preservation
Erin Dampney – Storage
Maureen Dupree – Corporate Services
Douglas Elford – NED Operations
Kylie Hawkins – Storage
Emma Jolley – Digital Archives
Elizabeth MacKenzie – eResources Consortium, NED, NED Operations
Aileen Weir – NED
Megan Williams – Digital Archives

Northern Territory Library

Kerry Blinco – Digital Archives, Digital Preservation, NED
Cathy Hilder – Copyright, Visitor Experience
Brian Hubber – Collections, Digital Archives
Catherine Johnston – Collections, eResources Consortium, Storage
Bev Lee – Digital Preservation
Anja Tait – Culturally Safe Libraries, Learning

State Library of New South Wales

Louise Anemaat – Collections
Peter Arfanis – NED Operations
Phil Barter – Corporate Services
Suzette Brunati – Digital Archives
Matthew Burgess – Digital Preservation
Marika Duczynski – Culturally Safe Libraries
Joanna Fleming – Digital Preservation
Anne Hocking – Digital Archives
Richard Neville – Copyright
Maggie Patton – Collections
Megan Perry – Learning
Steve Richards – Visitor Experience
Brendan Somes – NED
Philippa Stevens – Visitor Experience
Mark Stevenson – Storage
Sean Volke – eResources Consortium, web archiving
Damien Webb – Culturally Safe Libraries
Glenn Wells – NED Operations

State Library of Queensland

Lesley Acres – Culturally Safe Libraries
David Allen – Digital Preservation
Linda Barron – Visitor Experience
Leonie Berwick – eResources Consortium
Serena Coates – Digital Preservation
Catherine Cottle – Digital Archives
Tanya Fitzgerald – Corporate Services
Margretha Gould – Visitor Experience
Laura Landmann – Learning
Talia Love-Linay – Culturally Safe Libraries
Anna Raunik – Collections, NED
Karen Stone – NED Operations
Margaret Warren – Copyright, Storage

State Library of South Australia

Jo Bayly – Collections, NED
Kath Button – Corporate Services
Joanne Cook – eResources Consortium
Linda Czechyra – Copyright
Sharon Frost – Digital Archives
Peter Jenkins – Digital Preservation
Tony May – Visitor Experience
Annette Mills – Culturally Safe Libraries
Sharon Morris – Learning
Adrian Reid – Digital Archives
Beth Robertson – Storage
Leisel Underwood – Learning

State Library Victoria

Anna Burkey – Learning
Roly Clifton-Bligh – Corporate Services
Liesl Colquhoun – NED Operations
Jenelle Colston-Ing – web archiving
Betsy Earl – Digital Preservation
Amanda Edwards – eResources Consortium
Bridie Flynn – Digital Archives, Digital Preservation
Carolyn Long – Visitor Experience
Kevin Molloy – Digital Archives
Thomas Rawlins – Storage
Jo Ritale – Collections, NED
Debra Rosenfeldt – Culturally Safe Libraries
Vanessa Ross – Storage
Janice van de Velde – Copyright
Robert Waterfall – Storage

State Library of Western Australia

Cristina Albillos – Digital Preservation, Storage
Andrew Black – eResources Consortium
Michelle Collier – Digital Archives
Oliver Gatty – Copyright
Frances Hammond – NED Operations
Debra Jones – Digital Preservation
Susan McEwan – Collections, NED
Wendy Monaghan – NED Operations
Rebecca Ong – Learning, Visitor Experience
Chris Penwald – Corporate Services
Daniel Rozas Nunez – Digital Preservation
Elizabeth Spencer – Culturally Safe Libraries