Publications - project reports

Annual summary report 2016

A summary of NSLA activities and outcomes in 2016, and priorities for 2017. (February 2017)

LINC Tasmania/ABS Census 2016 Partnership Project

Report on LINC Tasmania's work with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to make the 2016 Census more accessible to everyone, including those with low literacy or barriers to online access.

Obsolete Physical Carriers in NSLA Collections: Stage 1

A survey of obsolete physical carriers in NSLA libraries with analysis, preliminary recommendations and report. (Feb 2016)

Annual summary report 2015

A summary of NSLA activities and outcomes in 2015, and priorities for 2016. An html version of the report and links to past reports are also

Projects and Communities of Practice - summary

Overview of current NSLA project groups and communities of practice. (August 2015)

NSLA annual summary report 2014

Summary of our achievements in 2014. (March 2015)

Trove at 5: Are we there yet?

Presented at ALIA National Conference, September 2014, by Marie-Louise Ayres, Assistant Director-General Resource Sharing, National Library of

ANPlan annual reports

Latest report: 2014/15 (html)Past reports:2013/14 (html)2012/13 (html - also available below as a document)2011/12 (html)2010/11 (Word doc)

NSLA annual summary report 2013

Summary of our achievements in 2013 and our priorities for 2014. (January 2014)

Mapping Our Collections

Report on the October 2012 Maps Project survey.