Publications - policies and guidelines

Strategic plan 2018-2020

NSLA's strategic plan for 2018-2020 describes how the National Library of Australia and Australai's eight state and territory libraries will work together to achieve their common goals.

Libraries and Digital Government: collaborating to build digital citizenship

A proposal for dynamic collaboration between government and libraries to enable citizens to access and use increasingly online-only public services, and to fully engage in participatory democracy. (September 2017)

NSLA program approach

Outlines the approach to aspects of the communication and management of the NSLA program, and the roles of those involved.

ANPlan strategic plan 2015-2018

Strategic objectives for ANPlan members. HTML version

Australian Digital Access to Collections: Terms of reference

Terms of reference for Australian Digital Access to Collections, a core group of collection sector peak bodies - including NSLA - with a focus on

NSLA/IRCA Working Group: terms of reference

Representatives of the NSLA Indigenous Group and the Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) consider preservation strategies for a number of audiovisual collections currently held in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. (July 2015)

Leading Collaboration: Strategic plan 2015-2017

Leading Collaboration outlines the priorities for NSLA. The plan summarises how we work together, the shared understanding that underpins our collaboration, and our agreed priority projects.