Publications - discussion papers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander library services and collections: case studies

This document sets out a number of case studies to illustrate the varied ways in which some NSLA libraries are seeking to meet objectives in the

Legal issues discussion paper

An overview of existing and emerging legal risks and response options available for libraries.

Trends in environmental management for collection storage

Trends in environmental management for collection storage in NSLA libraries. (2014)

Public Library Survey review: second consultation paper

The second consultation paper for the joint Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and NSLA review of the Australian Public Library Survey.Public

Storage planning for physical collections: issues and trends

Discussion paper on current and future issues in storage planning for NSLA libraries. (October 2012)

Bridging the Gap: Library digital collections, innovation and the user

Bridging the Gap: Library digital collections, innovation and the user, by Matthew Brack

Position statements, 2009-11

Position statements developed by Re-imagining Libraries projects between 2009 and 2011.Note: rich text file (RTF) versions of each document are