Publications - digitisation

Obsolete Physical Carriers in NSLA Collections: Stage 1

A survey of obsolete physical carriers in NSLA libraries with analysis, preliminary recommendations and report. (Feb 2016)

Annual summary report 2015

A summary of NSLA activities and outcomes in 2015, and priorities for 2016. An html version of the report and links to past reports are also

Promoting archival resources

Presentations from the 'Promoting archival resources' session at the NSLA Heritage Collections Forum (May 2015), from Maggie Patton (SLNSW) and Ben

Legal issues discussion paper

An overview of existing and emerging legal risks and response options available for libraries.

Mapping Our Collections

Report on the October 2012 Maps Project survey.

Digital Preservation Principles

Principles guiding NSLA libraries in response to the challenges of digital preservation.

Picturing the Future: NSLA libraries and large pictorial collections

Report on a survey of pictures collections content, processes and issues across NSLA libraries. July 2013

Aspirational practices and standards for digitisation by interlibrary loan and document delivery services

This document sets out the standards applied to digitisation undertaken in response to user requests for published materials, and the practices that