Publications - digital preservation

Annual summary report 2016

A summary of NSLA activities and outcomes in 2016, and priorities for 2017. (February 2017)

Born Digital 2016 - achievements (A3 flyer)

A3 flyer promoting the achievements of Born Digital 2016.

Obsolete Physical Carriers in NSLA Collections: Stage 1

A survey of obsolete physical carriers in NSLA libraries with analysis, preliminary recommendations and report. (Feb 2016)

Australian Digital Access to Collections: Terms of reference

Terms of reference for Australian Digital Access to Collections, a core group of collection sector peak bodies - including NSLA - with a focus on

Appraising Born Digital Archives

Presentations from Emma Jolley (NLA) and Dr Kevin Molloy (SLV) at the NSLA Heritage Collections Forum (May 2015).

Metadata: The Key to Discovery

Metadata workshop presented by Dr Marie-Louise Ayres and Dr Joanne Evans for the NSLA Heritage Collections Forum, 2015. The session was introduced by

A Quick SIP: Efficient description and digitisation workflows for pictorial collections

Presentation by Jo Ritale, State Library Victoria; Kevin Bradley, National Library of Australia; Nicki Mackay-Sim, National Library of Australia

Legal issues discussion paper

An overview of existing and emerging legal risks and response options available for libraries.

Transcribing the past: European War Collecting project

Presented at ALIA National Conference, September 2014, by Maggie Patton, Manager, Research and Discovery, State Library of New South Wales.

Digital Preservation: measuring our capability and 'confronting the abyss'

Presented at ALIA National Conference, September 2014, by Sarah Slade, Manager, Storage & Digital Collection Services, State Library of Victoria.