Publications - archival standards

Metadata: The Key to Discovery

Metadata workshop presented by Dr Marie-Louise Ayres and Dr Joanne Evans for the NSLA Heritage Collections Forum, 2015. The session was introduced by

Appraisal and valuation in the GLAM sector

Presentations from the 'Appraisal and valuation in the GLAM sector' panel session at the NSLA Heritage Collections Forum (May 2015). Panel members

A Quick SIP: Efficient description and digitisation workflows for pictorial collections

Presentation by Jo Ritale, State Library Victoria; Kevin Bradley, National Library of Australia; Nicki Mackay-Sim, National Library of Australia

Guidelines for assigning significance and processing plans – large pictorial collections

These guidelines provide a methodology for assessing the significance of pictorial collections, and for developing processing plans based on that significance level.

Guidelines for donors, creators and vendors of large picture collections

These guidelines set out what libraries require from donors, creators or vendors of large picture collections, including: contextual information, descriptive information and technical attributes that enable collections to be made publicly accessible and easy to navigate.

Presentation by Dr Alex Byrne, ALIA Online 2013

Presentation delivered by Dr Alex Byrne on behalf of National and State Libraries Australasia at the ALIA Information Online conference in Brisbane,

Progress report: Description and Cataloguing project

Update to NSLA on the progress of the Description and Cataloguing project, and proposal for a sub-project to develop models and guidelines for making

Project report: making collection lists searchable through Trove

Recommendations for the creation of searchable descriptive lists for archival collections. (November 2010)