CAUL/NSLA joint principles for access to licensed digital content

CAUL and NSLA agree to the following principles:

  • CAUL and NSLA members subscribe to licensed digital content in accordance with their individual collecting policies and priorities.
  • CAUL and NSLA members provide access, including remote access, to licensed digital content for registered and authorised users in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed with suppliers.
  • All users of the digital content provided by CAUL and NSLA member libraries are required to agree to terms and conditions for use as established by each member.
  • CAUL and NSLA recognise that licensed digital content acquired by NSLA members is made available to their communities, which naturally include students and staff of educational institutions.
  • Within the constraints of their acquisitions budgets, CAUL members will subscribe to the licensed digital content needed to support the research and teaching activities of their universities and not substitute this by directing their users to NSLA resources.
  • CAUL and NSLA agree to review usage of NSLA digital content if activity warrants further investigation.