Pictures Project 

This project was concerned with the collection, digitisation and preservation of pictorial collections. Following a major survey in 2012-13, the project group developed improved processes for acquisition and cataloguing of large collections.

This project has finished. The Heritage Collections project will build upon its work.


Image: Quadres by Xavi Talleda. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

Project updates 

Project updates: Pictures, Digital Preservation and collaborative funding

11 June 2014

Updates from recent project meetings.

Meet our Large Pictorial Collections project managers

18 December 2012

Robyn Holmes, Senior Curator at the National Library of Australia, and Jo Ritale, Collection Services Manager (Access & Information) at the State Library of Victoria, talk through the challenges...


Guidelines for assigning significance and processing plans – large pictorial collections

These guidelines provide a methodology for assessing the significance of pictorial collections, and for developing processing plans based on that significance level.

Guidelines for donors, creators and vendors of large picture collections

These guidelines set out what libraries require from donors, creators or vendors of large picture collections, including: contextual information, descriptive information and technical attributes that enable collections to be made publicly accessible and easy to navigate.