Past projects 

The following projects have been completed or have been absorbed by other projects, as indicated.

Archival Collections: exploring more efficient and cost-effective ways of cataloguing and archiving heritage collections. View archived project.

Changing Capability and Culture: developing a framework for new work environments.

Collaborative Collections: managing The Australian Libraries Collaborative Collection (TALCC) agreement between all NSLA libraries in Australia to enable the redistribution of low-use materials based on subject strengths. View archived project.

Communications and Marketing: developing and driving the communications and marketing strategies of NSLA projects and activities. This is now a community of practice.

Community-created Content: encouraging community members to contribute their stories, comments, tags and expertise to library collections. View archived project.

Connecting and Discovering Content: enhancing metadata and making collection holdings more visible and linked online. Elements of this project were taken up in Open Borders.

Delivery: supporting the ongoing development of Trove as Australia’s national portal to library collections and improving public access to licensed online databases through Trove. View archived project.

Description and Cataloguing: designing improved business processes for collection management. Elements of this project were taken up by Archival Collections.

Digital Collecting: working towards developing a consistent framework across NSLA libraries for the collection of born-digital material. Elements of this project are now part of Digital Skills and Legal Deposit. View archived project.

Do It Now: initiatives to improve our services immediately. Elements of this project are now part of the Copyright project.

Maps: investigating the collection, digitisation and preservation practices for maps in NSLA libraries. View archived project.

Open Borders: improving public access to licensed online databases and breaking down geographical barriers. View archived project.

Pictures: developing improved processes for acquisition and cataloguing of large pictures collections. View archived project.

Reftracker: implementing a standard set of statistics for enquiries in NSLA libraries, and an interlibrary referral service. View archived project. Elements of this project are being continued by the Visitor Experience community of practice.

Scaling-up Digitisation: demonstrating the economic benefits of mass digitisation and defining best practice in management of digital collections.

Storage: identifying and sharing best practice in library collection storage. This is now a community of practice.

Virtual Reference Implementation: simplifying the process of seeking and obtaining research advice from library professionals. (Completed December 2011.)


Image: Cameron Murray, 2010, courtesy of State Library of Victoria

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Digital scholarship

Discussion session at the NSLA Heritage Collections Forum faciliated by Dr Alex Byrne (SLNSW) with Dr Joanne Evans, Monash University, and Conal Tuohy. (May 2015)