Digital Skills 

This project draws upon expertise both within and outside of NSLA libraries to improve the digital skills of library staff, particularly those working with digital collections. Staff exchange programs, learning modules and workshops will be designed to build and share knowledge across NSLA libraries.


  • The Day-to-day of Digital Preservation, a two-day event focused on preservation activities and workflows in our libraries, held at the national Library of Australia in October 2018
  • Data Unleashed, a professional learning program for staff, focusing on data and its role in our libraries and work, held in July-August 2018
  • Digital Forensics in NSLA Libraries workshop in May 2016 attended by 35 staff working in Preservation, Collections and IT in NSLA libraries.
  • Library of Congress Digital Preservation and Outreach Education (DPOE) program undertaken by 24 NSLA library representatives in June 2015, resulting in more than 40 training sessions in NSLA libraries in 2015.

Image: Digitization Lab (cropped) by Binghampton University Libraries (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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Project updates 

Profile: Belinda Weaver and Library Carpentry

27 September 2017

Having recently taught Library Carpentry workshops in NSLA libraries around Australia, Belinda Weaver tells us why librarians need to increase their software, coding and data management skills.

Building our skills

16 June 2015

Twenty-four staff from NSLA libraries have completed the Library of Congress’s train-the-trainer program in the principles and practices of preserving digital materials.

Digital Skills podcast

17 February 2015

Lesley Sharp and Corin Haines, co-managers of the Digital Skills project, podcast about the project's progress and plans to run the Library of Congress's Digital Preservation Outreach...


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