The Australian Newspaper Plan (ANPlan) is an ambitious, collaborative program to collect and preserve every newspaper published in Australia, guaranteeing public access to these important historical records. Further collaboration on collecting and preserving digital newspapers will now be the main focus of ANPlan. In addition, with strong support of ANPlan members, some 22 million digitised newspaper pages have already been accessible through Trove (hosted by the National Library of Australia).

ANPlan libraries continue to communicate with public libraries and other community groups about how to use and contribute to Australian newspapers on Trove.

For more information see the ANPlan website and the ANPlan strategic plan 2015-2018.


  • The previous Five Year Plan (2010-2015) concluded in June 2015. Over this period the followings were achieved with close collaboration among ANPlan members:
    • a remarkable increase in the number of digitised newspapers being made accessible on Trove, a deeply popular resource for Australians. The size of the corpus makes the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program a leading program in the world
    • continuing to raise awareness in their respective constituencies about the digitisation program and to assist with funded projects from a wide range of contributors. A number of ANPlan members have become contributors themselves, notably the Digital Excellence Program at the State Library of NSW
    • there are 44 significant newspapers missing from ANPlan members’ collections that were found
    • microfilming projects being concluded to reformat at risk material. A number of ANPlan libraries have now moved on using digital copying as the reformatting option and contributing scanned images for delivery on Trove when appropriate
    • replacing first generation newspaper microfilm on acetate with polyester, with 3,418 reels being replaced, and the work completed in four libraries. The cataloguing of these first generation masters was completed in most libraries to agreed guidelines.

ANPlan contacts

  • ACT Heritage Library: Antoinette Buchanan
  • LINC Tasmania: Ian Morrison
  • National Library of Australia: Wan Wong (acting coordinator), Catriona Bryce, Peter Collins, Alison Dellit, Mary Gosling, Amelia McKenzie (chair), Fiona Orford, Cornel Platzer
  • National Library of New Zealand (observer): David Adams, Theresa Kele, Sam Minchin, Tracy Powell, Graeme Shaw
  • Northern Territory Library: Pat Whalan
  • State Library of New South Wales: Jerelynn Brown, Alice Farrell
  • State Library of Queensland: Grant Collins, Christine Ianna, Sharon Nolan
  • State Library of South Australia: Lindy Bohrnsen, Beth Robertson
  • State Library of Victoria: Paul Dee, Shirley Firth
  • State Library of Western Australia: Debra Jones
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