Responses to COVID-19 in Australia’s national, state and territory libraries

This is an extract of a report prepared for the nine member libraries of NSLA – Australia’s national, state and territory libraries. It presents a descriptive analysis of NSLA libraries’ responses to the COVID-19 state-of-emergency declarations, and is intended to support future disaster management planning.

The full report was based on interviews with senior staff in corporate services, visitor experience and public programs, as well as staff surveys and reports generated by member libraries. The report applies to only the first seven months of 2020. It is a ‘point in time’ analysis of a dynamic situation that will continue to evolve.

Responding to COVID-19 presented multiple and unparalleled challenges to business continuity for every NSLA library, from building closures and lockdowns, transitioning staff to remote work, and shifting operations to digital first delivery platforms, followed by the gradual and strictly controlled reopening of spaces and services operating under a hybrid business model.

Download the document below to read the report's key findings and conclusions.