Each member library is represented on National and State Libraries Australasia by its chief executive, state librarian, or director-general.

NSLA's members, the CEOs of the national, state and territory libraries
NSLA's members (L to R): John Vallance, Patrick Gregory, Vicki McDonald, Elizabeth Jack, Margaret Allen,
Vanessa Little, Kate Torney, Barbara Lemon (NSLA Executive Officer), Marie-Louise Ayres, Geoff Strempel (not pictured: Rachel Esson)


Marie-Louise Ayres, Director-General, National Library of Australia

Deputy Chair

Vicki McDonald, Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian, State Library of Queensland


Margaret Allen, CEO and State Librarian, State Library of Western Australia

Rachel Esson, Te Pouhuaki National Librarian for Aotearoa New Zealand

Patrick Gregory, Director, Library and Archives NT

Ross Latham, A/ Director, Libraries Tasmania

Vanessa Little, Director, Libraries ACT

Geoff Strempel, Director, State Library of South Australia

Sarah Slade, A/ Chief Executive Officer, State Library Victoria

John Vallance, State Librarian, State Library of New South Wales

NSLA office

Barbara Lemon, Executive Officer (

Aimee Said, Program Coordinator (

Janice van de Velde, Senior Adviser Research and Policy (