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Local State, Territory and National libraries devote a lot of time, energy and resources to storing and preserving our digital heritage collections. While you may not have access to the state-of-the-art technology and equipment that your library does, there are still steps that you can take at home to ensure your digital treasures last a lifetime.

Preserving Your Digital Treasures

By following a few simple steps, you can help to preserve your digital photographs, emails, recordings and documents. Watch the Preserving Your Digital Treasures video to learn more.

Preserving your digital treasures from State Library of Queensland on Vimeo.

These guides from the Library of Congress provide further information about preserving your digital collections:

This information is intended as a basic guide only. For more detailed information, please contact your State, Territory or National library.

Donating digital collections

If you have digital collections that you would like to donate to your library, please contact them via the webpages, below:

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