Storage Management 

This project identifies and shares best practice in library storage by:

  • improving the ways in which collections are measured, housed and accessed
  • finding solutions to persistent storage issues
  • helping libraries plan for new collection storage facilities.


  • Development and testing of storage costing tool in all member libraries
  • Comparison of storage management policy and practice, including glossary of terms
  • Development of NSLA storage standards
  • Agreed methodology for measurement of horizontal collections (2013)
  • Compilation and regular update ofof common-supplier list (2012-13)
  • Survey-based paper on the future of storage management in NSLA libraries (2012)

Working group members

  • Kylie Hawkins, National Library of Australia (project manager)
  • Lawrence Salter, National Library of Australia (project manager)
  • Antoinette Buchanan, Libraries ACT
  • Richard Chester, State Library of New South Wales
  • Maxine Furness, State Library of South Australia
  • Ian Morrison, State Library of Tasmania
  • Vanessa Ross, State Library of Victoria
  • Cath Thomson, State Library of New South Wales
  • Helen Thurlow, State Library of Queensland
  • Toni Young, State Library of Western Australia

Image: newspaper stacks, National Library of Australia

Project updates 

Meet our Storage Management Working Group managers

22 February 2013

Lawrie Salter and Kylie Hawkins, from the National Library of Australia, are the project managers for the NSLA Storage Management Working Group.

Storage Management: beyond the stacks

21 February 2012

Vanessa Ross, Storage Coordinator at the State Library of Victoria, tells us about the storage challenges facing libraries today, and in the future.


NSLA Storage Planning Paper

Discussion paper from the NSLA Storage Management Group on current and future issues in storage planning for NSLA libraries. (October 2012)