The Maps project is investigating the collection, digitisation and preservation practices for maps in NSLA libraries. The project has collected baseline data concerning digital and physical maps and and has made a series of recommendations to improve access and cataloguing practices.


  • Investigation of shared pilot project for Georeferencer and Map Rank software with Klokan Technologies
  • Establishment of series mapping workshop available to all NSLA libraries
  • Communication with government agencies and peak bodies regarding collection and preservation of digital maps
  • Shared documentation regarding maps resources for family history, cataloguing spreadsheets and guidelines for volunteers
  • Mapping our Collections - a major survey, workshop and report regarding map collections and associated workflows in NSLA libraries (2012)

Working group members

  • Maggie Patton, State Library of New South Wales (project manager)
  • Martin Woods, National Library of Australia (project manager)
  • Mark Bagnall, National Library of New Zealand
  • Antoinette Buchanan, Libraries ACT
  • Andy Carr, State Library of New South Wales
  • Des Cowley, State Library of Victoria
  • Merridy Lawlor, State Library of South Australia
  • Sharon Nolan, State Library of Queensland
  • Jo Roberts, State Library of Western Australia
  • Beth Robertson, State Library of South Australia
  • Brendan Whyte, National Library of Australia

Image: Map of the City of Sydney c.1927 by State Records NSW. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

Project updates 

Meet our Maps project managers

12 April 2012

Maggie Patton of the State Library of New South Wales and Martin Woods of the National Library of Australia talk about the challenges of developing and managing map collections.


Mapping Our Collections

Report on the Maps Project survey. (October 2012)