Digital Preservation 

This project is identifying best practice and collaborative options for the preservation of born-digital and digitised materials. 


Working group members

  • Sarah Slade, State Library of Victoria (project manager)
  • Pat Beament, State Library of Western Australia
  • Antoinette Buchanan, Libraries ACT
  • Serena Coates, State Library of Queensland
  • Grant Collins, State Library of Queensland
  • Mark Corbould, National Library of Australia
  • Libor Coufal, National Library of Australia
  • Allegra Huxtable, LINC Tasmania
  • Steve Knight, National Library of New Zealand
  • David Ong, State Library of Western Australia
  • David Pearson, National Library of Australia
  • Lesley Sharp, State Library of South Australia
  • Scott Wajon, State Library of New South Wales

Project updates 

Digital Preservation goes to Washington

11 August 2014

Digital Preservation project manager Sarah Slade reports on her recent trip to attend Digital Preservation 2014.

Project updates: Pictures, Digital Preservation and collaborative funding

11 June 2014

Updates from recent project meetings.

Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania meet at NLA

24 February 2014

NSLA meets with the CDNLAO at the National Library of Australia in February.


Digital Preservation: measuring our capability and 'confronting the abyss'

Presented at ALIA National Conference, September 2014, by Sarah Slade, Manager, Storage & Digital Collection Services, State Library of Victoria.