Communications and Marketing 

Responsible for developing and driving the communications and marketing strategies of NSLA projects and activities where required.


  • Design and production of brochure outlining NSLA library programs and publications for the commemoration of WWI
  • Social media monitoring project, collecting data in NSLA libraries across four major platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter)
  • Promotion of eResources in NSLA libraries including Google Adwords campaign; new eResources logo; production of flyers and bookmarks; updated library websites (2012)
  • Branding and promotion for the NSLA Brave New Worlds literacy and learning seminar at SLNSW (2013) and Disaster Preparedness Seminar at SLQ (2012)
  • Consultation in development of communications documents for NSLA projects, including Literacy and Learning, Collaborative Collections, Digital Collecting, Digital Preservation, Indigenous Group.

Working group members

  • Lucy Milne, State Library of New South Wales (project manager)
  • Vanessa Bond, State Library of New South Wales
  • Emma Darby, Northern Territory Library (observer)
  • Pip Hankin, LINC Tasmania
  • Tim Langford, National Library of Australia
  • Kate Oxenbould, State Library of Victoria
  • Winston Roberts, National Library of New Zealand (observer)
  • Kylie Roots, State Lbrary of Queensland
  • Bev Scott, State Library of South Australia
  • Cathy Stacey, State Library of Queensland
  • Sarah Steed, Libraries ACT
  • Joanne Wheeler, State Library of Western Australia

Social Media Group

  • Libraries ACT: Sarah Steed
  • National Library of Australia: tba
  • State Library of New South Wales: Mylee Joseph, Kathryn Barwick
  • State Library of Queensland: Kylie Roots; Alexia Saeck, Kirri-Lee Huggett, Nicole Mangelsdorf, Shahedah Sabdia and Rebekah Waite
  • State Library of South Australia: Steve Burrows, Bev Scott
  • LINC Tasmania: Pip Hankin
  • State Library of Victoria: Sarah Kelly
  • State Library of Western Australia: Thea Ibbs

Image: megaphone by Leo Reynolds. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

Project updates 

Meet our Communications and Marketing project manager

2 August 2012

Lucy Milne tells us about the major communications challenges for libraries, and how a collaborative campaign to promote eResources at NSLA libraries is paying off.

eResources: quality information, when & where you need it

3 May 2012

NSLA libraries provide free, instant access to high quality online resources – anywhere, anytime.


TALCC Summary Statement

Statement regarding The Australian Libraries Collaborative Collection (TALCC), administered by NSLA's Collaborative Collections project group. (April 2013)