Collaborative Collections 

The Collaborative Collections project group managed The Australian Libraries Collaborative Collection (TALCC) and related collection issues. The TALCC agreement between all NSLA libraries in Australia enables the redistribution of low-use materials based on subject strengths. The project aimed to build on specialist collections, assemble complete runs of journals, release storage space, and enhance opportunities for collecting state heritage material.


  • Survey and report on the collection of print legal deposit material and related legislation
  • Report on changing trends in acquisition of and access to general reference collections
  • Participation in ARC Grey Literature Project survey for collection institutions (2012-14)
  • Memorandum of understanding for distributed repository endorsed by project members, and signed by CEOs for all NSLA libraries in Australia (March 2012)
  • Development of a model for a subject distributed repository for print materials across NSLA libraries (2011)
  • Report on changing trends in acquisition of and access to overseas collections (2012).

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Project updates 

Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania meet at NLA

24 February 2014

NSLA meets with the CDNLAO at the National Library of Australia in February.

Conference recognises grey literature's value

10 September 2013

Registration is open for the 2nd Australian Grey Literature Conference.

Project shines a light on grey literature

15 March 2012

NSLA is one of the partners in a new project investigating how grey literature is produced, disseminated and preserved.


TALCC Summary Statement

Statement regarding The Australian Libraries Collaborative Collection (TALCC), administered by NSLA's Collaborative Collections project group. (April 2013)

Grey Literature Strategies: Project Overview, August 2012

NSLA is a partner in this ARC Linkage Project, led by Swinburne University and Victoria University.