Archival Collections 

This project has explored efficient and cost-effective ways of cataloguing and archiving heritage collections, enabling faster public access to archives.

The project's current focus is on developing a strategic framework and a standard core set of metadata for archival collections.


Working group members

  • Nicola Frean, National Library of New Zealand (project manager)
  • Ross Latham, State Library of Tasmania (project manager)
  • Lynette Aitcheson, Northern Territory Library (observer)
  • Gavin Bannerman, State Library of Queensland
  • Tracy Bradford, State Library of New South Wales
  • Antoinette Buchanan, Libraries ACT
  • Jean Butler, State Library of Westerm Australia
  • Kevin Molloy, State Library of Victoria
  • Suzanne Saunders, State Library of South Australia
  • Kylie Scroope, National Library of Australia
  • Karen Stone, State Library of Queensland

Image: State Library of New South Wales

Project updates 

Heritage Collections Forum

17 November 2011

Senior collection specialists from all NSLA libraries came together for the Heritage Collections Forum in Sydney.


Guidelines: assisting donors to prepare their personal digital archives

Second and final edition of guidelines prepared by the Archival Collections project group. (2011)

Progress report: Description and Cataloguing project

Update to NSLA on the progress of the Description and Cataloguing project, and proposal for a sub-project to develop models and guidelines for making collection lists searchable via Trove. (March 2010)

Project report: making collection lists searchable through Trove

Recommendations for the creation of searchable descriptive lists for archival collections. (November 2010)