One Library 

A strategy of Re-imagining Libraries 2012-16.

All NSLA libraries benefit from the expertise and best practice of each. We will position digital services, systems and collecting in a collaborative context, so that people will experience our digital information services as seamless, within and across libraries.

Digital services break down the boundaries of jurisdiction and constituency. Central portals that are destinations for searching and are harvested by search engines are beginning to replace local systems. Trove in Australia and Beta in New Zealand are exploring options for global and local services, customised access, and deep partnerships through information, cultural and education sectors.

Libraries, as civic institutions, have a broad mandate that embraces digital opportunities. The increasing numbers of people who visit libraries value the welcoming public spaces, the interaction with each other and with experts, and the opportunity to learn and to connect in new ways in the digital world.

NSLA libraries work together in a mature and practical collaborative partnership with an ongoing program of work and common strategic goals. We advocate to governments, stakeholders and others, in support of the shared principles we espouse.

We consider what can benefit from a collaborative approach; we identify and fund priority work; we share expertise and ideas; we build communities of practice and experimentation; and we explore partnership opportunities. This collaboration works to minimise duplication of collections and services as well as systems. It streamlines library services so that people can be confident in using their library.

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