Enabling People 

A strategy of Re-imagining Libraries 2012-16.

Our collections will reflect the diversity in our community. We will provide opportunities for people to co-curate their online and documentary heritage and to contribute their knowledge and expertise. We will support our communities in learning the skills they need to find and use information effectively.

Libraries are centres of learning. They are online places and physical locations where everyone can engage with knowledge and ideas and learn the essential literacy skills needed to participate fully in society. Libraries are also actively-connected agencies, building partnerships, linking and referring people to other education providers, experts, communities, collections and services. Libraries are for everyone. Australian and New Zealand communities are multi-cultural, multi-lingual, metropolitan, remote, mainstream and eclectic.

‘Literacy’ is a continuum of learning that allows people to find and use information, digital tools and research data confidently and critically. Libraries are places to read, create, experiment, play, test new skills and explore ideas. In libraries, outcomes and achievements are not measured or judged. All learning is valid and valued.

People are experts and creators, contributors and interpreters; they are the authorities on their business, their culture, their profession, their stories and their environment. We collect and make available their content as it is published in print or distributed online, and we harness people’s knowledge to enrich information in all its forms.

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